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Working with Parents

Most parents are acutely conscious of their responsibility as parents - but not completely aware of all its dimensions. This can get overwhelming at times.

No child is born with a manual of instructions. Everything else - even an electric kettle with one switch- comes with instructions. So how to deal with this ever-changing complex being? We’ve studied for countless years to prepare ourselves for our professions. How prepared are we for parenthood?

Working with Parents

Some of us roll up our sleeves and figure out step by step by trial and error; some look around at what others are doing - leading to endless comparisons; some try to recollect glimpses of what their parents did - and do the same or the opposite; some read and gain insights which sometimes help but mostly don’t.

When both parents are working the challenges multiply and the confusion increases. Do I have to be my child’s friend? How do I say no to his increasing demands? Does one of us have to be the strict parent and one the lenient one? How much freedom to make choices should children have? The list is endless but a common chord runs through them all.

If you are asking questions and seeking solutions - you care - and that is all that matters. We will walk with you a while till you feel ready to walk on your own.

You could come in for counselling or join in one of our workshops for parents.

  • Basic principles of Parenting
  • Preparing for parenthood
  • Work-life balance
  • Disciplining kids
  • Communication: What works and what does not

Working with Schools

Working with Schools

Teachers have a unique and vital space in each child’s life. Most of us remember our teachers with a fondness that parents envy and a few carry the scars of some indiscretion or a comment made by a teacher.

Today’s teachers are more than just dispensers of knowledge, they are constantly reinventing themselves to be facilitators,innovators, surrogate parents, mentors, counsellors and role models.

The persona of the teacher is so crucial in the formative years of the students’ lives that it becomes imperative that teachers equip themselves with effective qualities and skills to make a meaningful impact.

We offer the following Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and workshops for teachers:

  • Collaborative Learning Model
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Counselling Skills for the Classroom
  • Self Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence for Teachers

As therapeutic counsellors closely working with children, parents and teachers, our workshops focus on everyday situations and challenges of the school environment.

Working with Corporates

With increasing number of couples working full time - balancing work and home is becoming challenging. This gets further escalated when children come into the picture and the balance gets upset.

We conduct workshops with employees of companies and offer continuing support through personal counselling. This can be arranged at the office premises, at our centres and through skype or phone.

Working with Corporates

Workshops could be on one of the following topics or tailor made according to the needs of the organization:

  • Work - Life Balance
  • Educated Parenting
  • Self-Care in a stressful environment
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Relationships Counselling